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Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. My name is Zach Sagar and I am a freelance graphic designer. Design to me is a visual adventure that makes our lives fun and beautiful. On the other hand, it is practical and must function in a strict way. This dynamic nature of design requires strong communication for success. Successful branding will build value, attract organic followers, create lasting impressions, and enhance our community.

An exciting responsibility as a designer is to accurately represent the core principle of a business through the character and action of the brand. Whether we are starting with a logo or creating an online store for your existing brand, contact me anytime to chat more about your next marketing project.

Branding • Logo Design
Letterhead • Stationary • Brochure
Full 3m Vinyl Vehicle Wraps (Vehicle Graphics)
Website Design • Website Development • Website/Email IT
Business Card • Large Format Signs